A Wedding Rant


Before Wedding

Insure Your Wedding Plans

Yes, this is a topic Jack and I had a heated debate on. Now to most it might seem odd why an insurance is necessary for a wedding that lasts no more than a day but the answer lies in… Continue Reading →

Dreaded Wedding Budgets

Nothing can end engagement bliss quite like discussing the wedding budget. Pretty much the only time Jack and I ever get angry with one another is when discussing where the wedding funds will be going. Who really has “enough” cash… Continue Reading →

Wedding Favors – How They Can Help

I have spent a lot of time thinking about favors for our wedding that would be fun and different for our guests. Normally guests just write off the favors because they are a bit boring and typical. However, your wedding… Continue Reading →

Adult Only Weddings – Is This Even Possible?

Going through a few wedding boards and forums I came across this topic of adult only weddings and my curiosity was piqued. After all, I am not that great with kids so this seems an excellent Cindy choice (if only… Continue Reading →

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