Yes, this is a topic Jack and I had a heated debate on. Now to most it might seem odd why an insurance is necessary for a wedding that lasts no more than a day but the answer lies in all the planning involved before! Yup, insurance for wedding is like taking a comprehensive hgv insurance plan for your fleet of vehicles. While only one gets derailed or stolen, your entire fleet remains protected. Likewise, with wedding insurance, it covers more than just the day of your wedding.

What is It?

It is a policy that protects any investment from the couple’s side from situations that cannot be controlled. If your limo driver decides to ditch you guys then insurance covers cost of a new one. If you have to shift venues and the cost is much higher on the last day, insurance takes care of that. Lost your tuxedo in tansit then insurance gives you a new one!

Why Get It

Let’s say you plan your wedding for winter and on the day of wedding the reception venue is inaccessible thanks to a blizzard! You can postpone your wedding without incurring additional costs if you have a policy in mind. Any money already spent and not refundable is given to you as reimbursements immediately. Of course, the reasons must be legitimate for cancelling your wedding date.

On the day of wedding, god forbid, your father-in-law meets with an accident right before. Again you have to postpone. Wedding insurance comes to the rescue!

The bride gown suddenly catches fire from the cigar your uncle lit! Insurance covers the cost of replacement gown instantly!


The good news is that insurance costs for weddings are typically small and can get you covers of well worth ten times the value! Just look around and find one that is comprehensive.