I have spent a lot of time thinking about favors for our wedding that would be fun and different for our guests. Normally guests just write off the favors because they are a bit boring and typical. However, your wedding favors can be one of those little details that, if thoughtfully done, can add a little wow element to your day. To get that “wow” try one of these ideas and really THANK your guests-

Flower bulbs- Great for a spring, summer, or fall wedding, flower bulbs can be bought in bulk at incredibly inexpensive prices. (Tulip bulbs can be as cheap as 10 cents or less) They add a fabulous green element to your day and give your guests a burst of color for their gardens, reminding them every year of your beautiful day. If you want to get really crafty, buy the bulbs in your wedding colors.

Potted Herbs- Another green idea, if you and your hubby to be are really into cooking or things that smell nice, a small potted herb at each setting can be a lovely touch. You can pick different herbs and label them so that your guests swap if they want. Herbs are also great because they can be planted outside or kept in the pot.

Wine- Chose your favorite wine (or 2… or 3…) after a tasting, of course. You can even create personalized labels. It’s fun, it’s unique, it’s something you and your fiancé can do together, and it’s a definite wow for your guests when they realized you did everything but stomp the grapes!

Local Products- Depending on where your wedding is, there is a plethora of local products your guests would be thrilled to have considering their usefulness

Handmade Gifts- Soaps, chocolates, ornaments, sock monkeys, picture frames, candles. Maybe someone in your family owns their own business making specific items? Use these people! They will likely give you a great discount and most likely will be happy to help. It’s even better if you can make it yourself! Personalized gifts are a favorite of guests. Whatever your theme or time of year, you can find a personal homemade favor to go with it. Guests love things that they can tell have meaning to the bride and groom and in which thought was given.